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03:33pm 11/08/2004

okay so i'm going through my whole journal and making them friends only and i realize there's so many to make friends only sooo i'm not gonna bother and i'm just gonna make a new journal



addddd meeee loves

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ah warped tour   
02:43pm 09/08/2004

okay.. so i just ordered my ticket yayyyyy

here's the line up

New Found Glory
Coheed & Cambria
Taking Back Sunday
Flogging Molly
Anti Flag
Bouncing Souls
Bad Religion
Story of the Year
International Noise Conspiracy
Tiger Army
Rise Against
The Casualties
Avenged Sevenfold
Matchbook Romance
Billy Talent
A Faith Called Chaos
The Briggs
Washington Social Club
Fall Out Boy
Alexis on Fire
Letter Kills
Rose Hill Drive
The Kinison
Eden Row
Audio Karate
Amber Pacific
Breaking the Silence
Rolling Blackouts
Early Man
Number One Fan
From First To Last
Tokyo Rose
Hidden In Plain View
Dynamite Boy
Plan B
The Skeptics
Fire When Ready
Break the Silence
A Wilhelm Scream
The Matches
Boys Night Out
Days Like These
Lightweight Holiday
Staring Back
Nor AM I

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02:06am 01/08/2004

credit: fairytalexliar

Journal is friends only.

comment to be added.

If you're doing a promo then do it in here.. not in any of my past entrys or newer ones. thanks

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09:18pm 29/07/2004

Me and Ari are such camera whores it's great

my sexxi man came over and we partied hard, it was a very good time

Cause camera whoring is the coolest thing since tv dinnersCollapse )

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So bored.. can't sleep   
03:21am 29/07/2004

so it's 3:22 am..

i think i'll do this survey.. stolen from ash


surveyCollapse )

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*sigh* good times.. good times   
12:09am 29/07/2004

pictures slutCollapse )

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I'm taking back everything   
12:57am 28/07/2004

buy taking back sunday. you know you want it. it's so good. go go go go go go.

so let's see.. i worked today.. so now i have er.. 125... only.. 175 to go.. woot.. im not getting an ipod anymore.. im getting a jukebox nomad zen thing.. it's some hawt shat i heart it. i think i'm gonna have babies with it.. so tomorrow i'm going to old stubridge village.. hah w00t thatll be some fun stuff.. i have a new love for from first to last.. i forget who introduced me to them but i like them, i think oliver dearest did.. ummm and i have a renewed obsession with taking back sunday again.. sigh so delish... i really like the song new american classic.. i makes me smile everytime i listen to it.. im listening to it now so im smiling.. ummm yesturday i went to jens house and i got to hang out with joe which was awesome cause i love joe he's the greatest, we partied and he got contacts which was cool, i saw ashley dearest too which was cool cause shes some awesome stuff, i saw scottie and he got a hair cut, and jen of course, and i saw kt, and KENNY! sigh i heart kenny hes too cool for me, and emerson and we straightened his hair and im gonna help him make his hair fun sometime.. let's see oh and then brian and kenny just kinda showed up which was sorta random.. i think thursday or friday or something im gonna go to park village and see andres.. i miss that boy its been too long, ari might be coming over thursday w00t i heart my sexxi man, shes the shiznat.. and um friday i think joes coming over which will be hot cause hes hot. yar. he wears eyeliner..

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12:32am 23/07/2004

*sigh* i heart my c5 girls. we had a get together today and i saw aaron but i don't think he saw me sigh i miss that boy. i didn't see billy or aaron :( oh well. but today I saw Barrie, Chloe, cv, christie, lynne, kiley, bri, and the super hawt strauss. proud president of SIH...


we partied at the mall, it was a good time.


<3 kisses love

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05:21pm 21/07/2004

So I got my hair cut and redyed and rehighlighted today


ohh la la picturesCollapse )

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08:27pm 20/07/2004


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03:08pm 20/07/2004

Cause my friends are hawter that yoursCollapse )

_break my fucking heart
11:26pm 19/07/2004
  I was reading through my old xanga and i came across something i wrote awhile ago i liked it so i guess i'll post it

Life's about growing up, learning from your mistakes, and changing for the better, but somewhere along the lines we all mess up. We change to be like everyone else, we take one person's mistakes and make it everyones, we take our mistakes and blame it on others.
Life is about making friends, meeting people you don't want to be like, learn from them and learn how to not be like them. Life is about realizing that people do change and that not many people will be around in 15 years but still realizing you need them because us as human beings are dependent on people. We depend on what people think and the approveale of others.
Life is about messing up and get back on track. Life is about not letting something ruin you but making it help you get better, make you a better person.
Life is about realizing your mistakes. Life is about forgiving but at the same time its okay to hold grudges, being stubborn and standing behind what you believe in.
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this is wonderful as loving goes   
01:30am 26/06/2004

I won't be writing for three weeks, leaving for camp on Sunday but I'll be over kt's tomorrow


soo much to say to peopleCollapse )

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the memories   
12:41pm 24/06/2004

this song brought back such sniffley memories.. As You Sleep - Something CorporateCollapse )

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the only broken hearted loser you'll ever need   
08:54pm 23/06/2004

my sexxi man, ariana, and lea just left, we had a fun filled day hah.. umm so let's see this morning i walked mel home and then i walked to the bottom of flanders to meet up with kels and hk and then we went to marshalls and met up with ariana and lea, i got comfy flip flops.. i heart them.. and then we went to ruby tuesdays and ate.. then leas mum came and picked us up, me ari and lea hung out on my NEW bed!! oh im tre excited, and then umm i went to homegoods and then marshalls again and leas mum picked us up and went to wally world, we got shirts and random stuff and then ran across the high way to target and then back across the high way and then umm... they came back here and we decorated shirts.. and that was the day..

_break my fucking heart
too bad you're beautiful   
09:28am 23/06/2004

mel's here shes still sleeping thing though, so let's see.. yesturday, i went to Adam's band thing, "Clay Pigeons(spelling?)" and saw some lovely people who i havent seem in a bit like ASHLEY.. the band was goood too.. then after a bunch of us walked to julians house and me and mel stayed til like 8 and then walked home, we had spagettio's and then hk lyss and kels walked over to my house..got lost in the process.. lyss got picked up at 10 and then hk and kels stayed til 11 and then walked home..through the woods.. me and mel continued eating out chinese food and um then went upstairs and talked.. and that would be my day..

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such an eventful week   
12:16am 20/06/2004

so let's see...

Thursday- I had Lexa's pool party which was a lot of fun and I'm in love with her house
then right after I had Dave's pool party but it really wasnt a pool party cause we never went in the pool but it was good, i was tired though so i attempted to sleep, brandon avergon is my hero yayy  aanddd me and sara ran over to chris's casa and picked him up and walked back to daves and then after daves Ariana, Sarah, and Mel slept over

Friday- Ari left early that morning, so it was just me and sarah and mel and we got a ride over to sarahs from her madre and then we started walking over to friendlys and then the lady who sarah babysits for saw us and gave us a ride so then after we ate we saw steve and paul and so we went over to park village and hung out, hah paul wore my pink sweatshirt and wouldnt give it back for a while hes a cute kid, and then umm we hung out there for a while, me mel and paul jumped in the pool so we were all oh so wet, and then me sarah mel and tara started walking back to mels house so she could change and then we saw katherine nagangast's sister so she gave us a ride and then from mels we walked to sarah and got dressed and ashley came and picked us up and we went to the movies and i saw dodgeball and then slept over kts casa at kts house we made a fort out of blankets and pillows and chairs, it was a good time and i talked to ken on the phone for a while which was good, steve ken and salomao sing beautifully, and then i had to go cause i was tired and then um me n kt watched tv for a while

Today- Me and Kt couldn't go to jess's *tear* long story.. so then after me and kt met up with ken and brian at the high school and played at the little play ground for a bit and chris saw us and came and said hi chris kisses emo boys i kiss emo girls.. and then chris left and ken called cameron and then umm we met up with cameron and all headed back to kts and then at kts we all hung out for a while and then jumped in the pool and then cameron left and then umm after we went to anthonys party thing which was a good time and um yes it was quite an eventful few days

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this is the last time   
10:28pm 16/06/2004

today was the last day of school, half day so me n kt hung out downtown for a bit and then went to chris's with soo many people and went swimming it was so much fun and then after like 4 hours in his pool we went back to kts house and liana drove us to colbster's party it was crazy fun, pshh peter when i get big and massive we'll wrestle.. me + ryan and me + josh are amazing at chicken.

So like i said today was the last day of school, it was rather sad and sniffely


a sappy thought about this year and the past years at gibbons..Collapse )

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my elmo is way cooler than you   
06:32pm 15/06/2004

went to six flags today for the second to last day of school.. an amazingly fun time, even though i went on a total of two rides cause i hate heights that much, i won a massive elmo, it's the same size as me i heart it. sarah hah good times today with scottie, foy, peter, woody, emerson, ian, laura, salomao, cameron, and everyone else we were with.


a survey that i stole from AshleyCollapse )

_break my fucking heart
care to SKANK?   
09:53pm 14/06/2004
mood: lovely

wow today was absolutely lovely, so in school we watched the rest of flowers for algernon which i thought wasn't all too great, and then had calamari or something in spanish, and then umm watched miracle, then had my last lunch in gibbons :( with my lunch group Kt, Patti, Gabby, Kristen, Jess, Mel, Kellyn... asked some question stuff in health "is it wrong to be sexually attracted to animals" haha i love you pete and corey, health is amazing with you guys. then after school i left my cell phone in my locker so i walked back to get it and poof there outside when i came back was CHRISTOPHER, DANIEL, and ASHLEY it was spectacular cause i adore them to death. so then we all walked to kts and had a lovely skank fest in her backyard blasting skaaaa and avril SKAvigne (i think i spelled that wrong) and thennnn we skanked around, which was amazingly fun and then umm hung around kts barn thing and wrote stuff with tape, ohhhh and we umm waxed chris's leg with stickers.. he has asian legs now, it's lovely <3 hah i heart those kids so then they left *tear* and me n kt got ready for the reception and went off to Jp's for a family night out.. yes i am now offically a member of the family, so then me n kt went to ocean state job lot cause we're way cool and got glow in the dark stuff and then went to the reception which wasn't too bad, i got my year book <33333 woot!

that was a massive entry.. enjoy!


you're cute
xo <3 always xo
Jessie Lee

_break my fucking heart